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New research exposes flaws in industry lobbying for mega trucks.

8th January 2013

Casualties, congestion and pollution will rise, not fall, if 82 ft (25 metre) mega trucks were introduced to UK roads, according to new research which highlights deep flaws in the arguments being put forward by Kimberley Clark to justify mega trucks.

New research from the Metropolitan Transport Research Unit has highlighted three significant considerations absent from modelling used by industry:

  • Increases in fatalities - European Commission has stated that mega trucks are involved in more traffic collisions because of their size
  • Increased congestion - Increased road space and lower manouvreability mean mega trucks increase congestion
  • Increased carbon dioxide emissions - Assuming similar capacity efficiencies as conventional trucks, the use of mega trucks on UK roads would lead to an increase in emissions.

Philippa Edmunds, Freight on Rail Manager, who commissioned the research said

"The economic, safety and environmental case for mega trucks is highly questionable. The only beneficiaries are the big logistics companies with society picking up the bill. The UK Government must see industry lobbying for what it is [i] and continue to keep mega trucks off UK roads.”

She added

“Parts of the logistics industry have an insatiable appetite for bigger heavier HGVs. And there is also overwhelming evidence to show that any length increase will lead to demands for increased weight. In the Netherlands the weight limit on 25 metre mega trucks has been increased from 50 to 60 tonnes with Finland increasing the weight limit to 76 tonnes; Sweden is now trialing 30 metre (100ft) HGVs with an 80 tonne weight limit between urban areas.”


Notes to Editors

1 Why the arguments for mega trucks are flawed

2. MTRU research

3. University of Huddersfield report commissioned by Kimberley Clark UK-
Impact Assessment: High Capacity Vehicles


[i] Commercial Motor 8/11/2012 Government states that there will be no 25.25m vehicles on our roads

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