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Mega Trucks Alert

Longer Heavier LorriesConstant vigilance is needed in the campaign against mega trucks, (also known as longer heavier trucks) on all fronts, but especially in Europe. There are powerful business interests supporting the spread of these massive machines across Europe because mega trucks will cut the costs for the road haulage industry by around 15 per cent. The issue here is that everybody else pays the extra costs imposed on society and the economy in terms of road crashes, road congestion, road damage and pollution. As it is existing sized HGVs pay less than a third of the costs they impose on the economy and society in terms of collisions, congestion, road damage and pollution.

Latest Government figures show that HGVs are paying less than a third of the costs they impose on society

Even European Commission research admitted that mega trucks are more dangerous than existing HGVs. The main reasons for increased collision risks are handling and manoeuvrability problems including snaking, larger blind spots, extra weight and size. Currently UK HGVs are disproportionately involved in serious accidents with other road users. Latest figures show that HGVs were six times more likely than cars to be involved in fatal collisions on minor roads.

Diagram showing comparative size of mega trucks

Cross border traffic of mega trucks was allowed by the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg through atri-lateral agreement in late 2014, despite the fact that it conflicts with the latest EU legislation which states that new cross border agreements cannot be entered.

Separately, the Spanish Government is allowing very limited use of mega trucks on national strategic motorways if allowed by local authorities.

The latest depressing development in the spread of cross border mega trucks saga is that the German Transport Minister is allowing cross border mega trucks operations from January 2017.

Final report on trials of longer HGVs: “sobering”

However, The German Environment Ministry has criticised the Transport Ministry’s unilateral decision to allow 25 metre mega trucks

Mega trucks: Pro-Rail Alliance considers legal measures

However, we will continue to campaign against mega trucks coming to the UK as they are totally unsuitable for UK roads on safety, congestion and pollution grounds

Latest mega trucks briefing.

Watch this video to see the dangers of mega trucks, which are normally 25 metres (82ft) long and up to 60 tonnes in weight but can be even longer and heavier.   
New EU law on permitted HGV sizes - Directive 2015/719

  1. European Conservatives re-affirm opposition to mega trucks in UK on 10th March, 2015
  2. Further cross border mega trucks not permitted but existing countries using mega trucks and crossing borders could continue.
  3. Likely to be an impact assessment on mega trucks carried out in 2020

New directive on maximum authorised weights and dimensions 2015/719

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